Waygate Technologies Power|scan HE

Inspecting the Un-inspectable

Scan larger

The system’s larger manipulator allows for objects of nearly 2 meters in diameter and height to be scanned with both 450kv and 9 MeV.  This enables optimized scan resolution throughout both thick and thin sections of large complex components.

Scan faster

It takes advantage of flat panel speed and combines it with scatter reducing technologies to create premium image quality at production speeds. Waygate Technologies scatter|correct technology enables significantly reduced scan times vs LDAs and other system design concepts.

Scan more

The system maintains ultimate flexibility to image internal features in small high-density components, such as nickel-based metal alloys; while also supporting large low density components, such as composite materials and many iterations in between.

Providing greater insights at 9 MeV

Crystal-clear resolution

Visualize previously difficult or impossible to inspect parts and components with confidence to see internal design features and reveal flaws.

Imaging flexibility

Linear Diode Array (LDA) and Flat Panel (DDA) detect defects including porosity, foreign material, measurement, lack of fusion, positive metals and trapped powder.

Harnessing power

Discover MeV imaging at high production speeds, allowing for smarter decisions in reduced time frames, maximizing profitability and safety.

Platformed Solutions

Productivity solutions

Operated by Phoenix platformed productivity solutions

  • Datos|acquisition and recol
  • Offset|scan and multi|scan
Quality control

Leverage industry standard quality control mechanisms

  • Calibration objects
  • Ruby|plate
Data management

Tap into our powerfull data management tools

  • Insepection Works Archive
  • Local and clound based data storage

Unlimited CT inspection options

Unmatched high resolution images


Accessibility to State of the Art Technology

Industry expertise

Tap into industry expertise to help solve your biggest inspection challenges with our consulting services.  Access and utilize deep CT application knowledge across many industries.

Ulilize the investment

Leverage our investment by having your components scanned and reviewed by our experts on the Power|scan HE, following strict quality management processes for Inspection Services.

Build your own case

Use our services to help you understand what is possible for your components and organization.  Choose your own customized solution of services or system purchase to fit your investment needs.

See for yourself

Contact us to schedule your own personalized on-site or virtual demo to understand the full capabilities of the Phoenix Power|scan HE and how it can improve your inspection process
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